About Us

Seventh Vegan is fresh

We launched at the beginning of 2021 to showcase the world’s most luxurious vegan bags and accessories. 

Seventh Vegan is passionate

We are passionate about fashion and we are passionate about a better way of living.  100% of our profits will help our registered charity to support vital animal welfare causes. 

Seventh Vegan is innovative

When you walk through the virtual doors of our boutique you will discover new exciting vegan brands at the cutting edge of luxury.  

Seventh Vegan shares your vision

Our boutique offers you the best cruelty-free, luxury products in the world - chosen from both established brands and new designers, every one of them as passionate about their products as we are.

Seventh Vegan is a family

Read our partners’ brand stories, understand their passion, appreciate their craft and check their commitment to luxury that looks good, feels good and does good.