Showcasing that high-end fashion does not equate to animal suffering, Fruitenveg have created cruelty-free bags and accessories that provide a new angle to the exotics and fur industry; generating “The Never Leather Project”.  They advocate this through their statement of “love animals more than leather and fur” - a slogan that clearly demonstrates their ethical value. 

Fruitenveg, based in the heart of New York City, specialise in the experimentation of whimsical combinations of faux fur, leather, gorgeous colour palettes and fabrics. The shades featured are vivid and courageous to create these unique fashion pieces. 

Due to their craftsmanship background, Fruitenveg ensures that material waste is minimised without compromising on quality. The materials used are sustainable, whilst complying with their vision for design, and are renowned for challenging the traditional ideals of luxury fashion. 

This PETA approved vegan company also ensures they are tracking the developments in cruelty-free alternative leather varieties. The elegant marriage of craftsmanship and design is projected in this fresh alternative to traditionalism, supported with prestigious metalwork, well-defined design and unique materials.