Founded in 2005 by architect Annie Mohaupt, who grew up on a sheep farm and had always felt a connection to animals and nature. 

Mohop was launched with the goal of combining Annie’s love of 3D design and engineering with her passion for sustainability. Co-founder Justin Walker joined Mohop in 2012, with a shared love of nature and a DIY spirit.  As a team, Justin and Annie are fiercely dedicated to developing cutting-edge processes which enables them to efficiently produce within their own workshop in the US, maintaining optimal work conditions.

Whilst they incorporate innovative materials and methods in the creation of their components, every item produced is individually handmade by Justin and Annie. 

Mohop believes they have a responsibility to create durable and delightful products in ways that are significantly less exploitative of people, animals and the environment. Factory farming is a significant contributor to climate change, air pollution and environmental degradation. To combat this issue, Mohop use 100% nylon leather-look material which is incredibly durable and produced in a reduced-impact factory on the East Coast.

Mohop’s mission is to make better things - and make things in a better way.

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