Founded 2018

Fraenck is a concept started by two designers, Ratna Ho & Pascal Mulder, that they launched in 2018 after combining their previous brands Studio Mulder and Ratna Ho. They use the phrase aesthetics meets ethics, which suggests that they ensure they curate aesthetically pleasing designs without letting ethics be compromised when you examine what the products are made from as well as how they are crafted. This is in contrast to the fast fashion industry where bags are created cheaply for mass production with little care for ethics regarding the materials and who makes the products.In the fashion industry traditionally leather, fur and wool are examples of important sources of materials to create clothing and fashion accessories. Not with Fraenck though. 

They believe that fashion and animal cruelty should never be combined, that's why they only use real imitation leather. They use upcycled and recycled materials within their designs, including vegan leather from a Dutch manufacturer, sailcloth from a local sailmaker and even discarded seat belts. Every bag from Fraenck is made in-house and they do this to make sure the conditions under which the bags are made is friendly and supportive, as well as keeping the art of making and crafting bags alive by keeping it close at heart.

They employ people who are dependent on government welfare. At Fraenck they learn important skills that bring them further and closer to the labor market helping with production, logistics and managing their website. They believe in an inclusive world, where everyone can participate and excel. That's why their bags are made by people who need the experience and together they create luxurious, elegant bags for the modern woman.