Meet the Maker - Fraenck

‘Ethics Meets Aesthetics’ is the motto Dutch brand Fraenck live by. It all began with a collaborative collection of bags produced by product designer Pascal Mulder and fashion designer Ratna Ho, two people who believe in a better way of doing things. Such was the success of the collaboration that the two merged their companies, Studio Mulder and Ratna Ho, and became Fraenck.

The meeting point of product design and fashion design is unmistakable within Fraenck’s collections. Functional pieces such as crossbody bags, laptop sleeves, and briefcases are renewed with a chic, industrial undercurrent, rendered in hues of terracotta, slate and black, completed with chunky clasps and a sleek, metal-plated logo. Durability and functionality are woven into every design, and ethics are never overlooked. 


The brand specialises in working with remnants and using what’s already available, manufacturing with upcycled vegan leather and recycled tarpaulin throughout their collections. Fraenck also work closely with local Dutch suppliers, sourcing artisan sailcloth from a local sailmaker. Their repurposed discarded seatbelts also make for eye-catching and sturdy straps. 

Such is their dedication to repurposing and reusing that in 2019, Fraenck bought more than 1,200 kilograms of leftover sailcloth, banner cloth and vegan leather and brought it back into the loop, avoiding an enormous amount of waste.

Alongside being fully invested in cutting out waste and staying sustainable and cruelty-free, Fraenck work to improve the lives of people within their community. The brand offers apprenticeships and is open about showing the behind-the-scenes of their manufacturing. You will always know who made your bags, and that they were made considerately and safely every step of the way.

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