Meet the Maker - Adelaide Carta

Each of the brands we stock and showcase on Seventh Vegan are carefully chosen for their innovative, cruelty-free materials and their inherent consideration for our planet. As Earth Day approaches, we want to shine a light on the work our brands do in pushing the boundaries of luxury and reshaping the accessories landscape.

From cork to corn leather, vegan materials are constantly developing, becoming more sophisticated, more beautiful and more eco-friendly. There’s never been a better time to align your style with your values, so allow us to introduce you to our designers and the moves they’re making in the vegan accessories world. 

Our ‘Meet the Maker’ series firstly introduces Adelaide Carta. 

Known for their bold silhouettes, colour clash designs, and unique detailing, Adelaide Carta break down all the stereotypes about ethical and cruelty-free style being boring. They simply don’t do boring - vibrancy and personality sit alongside ethics at the heart of this Italian brand.

Years of materials research preceded the brand’s 2014 launch. Never intending to join the ranks of the many fast fashion, trend-based accessories brands out there, Adelaide Carta started as they meant to go on, with an eco-friendly philosophy and an uncompromising eye on bold yet enduring design.

Armed with a number of vegan certifications from organisations around the world, Adelaide Carta’s collections feature a host of cruelty-free, environmentally friendly materials. You’ll find cork in vibrant hues of green, orange and gold and upcycled vegan leather saved from production waste or previous collections. Piñatex, a natural leather made from pineapple leaf fibres, adds a beautiful element of texture to Adelaide Carta bags, while linings made from wood fibres and upcycled synthetics round off the brand’s all-encompassing approach to sustainable design and manufacture.

All Adelaide Carta bags are considerately crafted in Italy, and the influence of Sardinia - where the brand’s namesake founder was born - shines through in each collection. Bold palettes evoke Mediterranean landscapes, while the commitment to quality and luxury is testament to Italy’s heritage of craftsmanship.

While the striking designs certainly take centre stage, look out, too, for clever details such as removable, adjustable and interchangeable straps which add a versatile undercurrent, ideal for a bag that will see you through a multitude of seasons and occasions.

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