Cactus Leather - the perfect balance between sustainability and performance

Developed in a certified organic plantation in Mexico, Cactus leather is a cruelty-free, partially biodegradable alternative that is as soft as animal’s leather, possessing sustainable credentials, similar textures and properties. 

A crucial alternative to animal leather, cactus leather assists in protecting the environment, the population and the animal kingdom, whilst holding the properties of leather.

Leather is believed to be a by-product of the meat industry when in fact, it is actually the largest co-product of slaughtering animals. It’s skin then undergoes numerous practices to become usable leather for clothing, accessories and shoes. One of these processes is “Tanning” which has been labelled as one of the most polluting industries in the world. This is due to the hazardous substances that are used, including but not limited to: chrome, acids, natrium and ammonium salts. 300kg of chemicals are added to every 900kg of animal hides during this tanning process.

With tanneries releasing 50 million litres of this highly toxic water, containing chromium, lead and arsenic, this dangerous stream destroys agriculture and pollutes the environment. This process has a life-threatening impact on the individuals in the surrounding areas consisting of blindness, skin discolouration and respiratory illnesses. 

Cactus Leather

Cactus leather is a durable material and is free of phthalates, toxic chemicals and PVC. Depending on the product, Cactus leather is provided in a variation of thicknesses and due to its sustainability, this alternative requires no irrigation systems; which will significantly reduce the use of energy. 

It has been labelled as ‘the perfect balance between sustainability and performance’ and is hopeful to replace animal leather in industries including fashion, automotive and aeronautics. 

How exactly is Cactus leather constructed? Well, both the mature and young leaves are harvested from the plant, keeping the core of the Cacti intact. The leaves grow back in 6 to 8 months; displaying the sustainability of this method. Once the leaves are cut, they are mashed and sundried for 3 days whilst obtaining the desired level of moisture; it’s then mixed with non-toxic substances.

At Seventh Vegan, we give 100% of our profits to our registered charity The Brandy and Sober Foundation. The Brandy and Sober Foundation has been created to give substantial grants to selected animal welfare causes and charitable organisations. 

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