Our Story

Seventh Vegan was founded in 2020 by Chris Johnson. We strongly believe that no animal should suffer in the name of fashion. We are helping to raise awareness about animal cruelty in fashion and that harming animals to make fashion is unnecessary and unethical when there are many beautiful vegan alternatives on the market.

Seventh Vegan is encouraging you to purchase luxury vegan products that you love, knowing that at the same time you are helping animal welfare causes within the UK.

We have created a range of products that have all the aesthetics of a luxury high value leather alternative yet are completely animal cruelty free and environmentally friendly.  Our belt range has been created using the Seventh Vegan trade marked logo and manufactured from a variety of different premium vegan materials. The packaging, from the tissue paper to the boxes, have all been selected because of their animal free and environmentally friendly properties.

It's our mission to help as many animals as possible

Everyone hates seeing animals in distress - from kittens dumped at the side of the road, to foxes pursued through the countryside, to bears performing in a circus - and it's Seventh Vegan's mission to help as many animals as possible.

As the business world becomes more obsessed with technological advancement and competitiveness, ensuring reduced costs are taken advantage of - this generally means spending less and less on animal welfare, the environment and nature as the economy become prioritised above everything else. This must be reversed but this will only be achieved through consumer power.  We are seeing the beginnings of the consumer revolt in the form of mainstream vegan and environmentally friendly products - hopefully this is just the start. It is the silent customer and not the activist that drives change because business will adapt to the consumer.    

Seventh Vegan was created to provide high quality luxury vegan accessory alternatives. If we can persuade more people to purchase a vegan product instead of an animal based product then not only will animal suffering be greatly reduced but larger manufacturers will also react to this.

We also believe in giving back

This is why every purchase made with Seventh Vegan supports a charity that's committed to caring for all animals and making a real difference to the planet. We give 100% of our profits to our registered charity – The Brandy and Sober Foundation.

The Brandy and Sober Foundation - named after our founders beloved dogs - is a UK registered charity which receives all profits made by Seventh Vegan. It is the foundation's role to then identify animal welfare charities where we can make as big a difference as possible. We only provide grants to charities where the money will be used to help animals directly and nothing else – that is our promise to our customers.

Everything we do is done to make the world a better place, so you need never abandon your love of luxury for the sake of the planet.  Every product we sell is guaranteed 100% vegan, planet friendly and cruelty free as we are passionate about veganism, animal welfare and sustainability.

Living your life luxuriously need no longer mean compromising your beliefs.


Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good