Our Story

 (Pic of Chris)

Seventh Vegan was founded in 2021 by Chris Johnson who strongly believes that no animal should be used for fashion purposes. As a huge animal lover, Chris is on a mission to raise awareness about animal cruelty in fashion and that harming animals to make leather fashion is unnecessary and unethical. There are many beautiful vegan alternatives on the market right now and together we can definitely make a difference.

During his research of vegan products however, Chris became aware that there was limited availability of luxury vegan belts available, so has created a unique design which encompasses the Seventh Vegan identify and has been been meticulously manufactured using premium and ethical vegan materials.

Chris also believes in giving back, so every purchase made with Seventh Vegan supports a charity that's committed to caring for all animals and making a real difference to the planet. Not only do we give 100% of our profits to our registered charity but, more importantly, Chris receives no money whatsoever from the business either directly or indirectly.

The Brandy and Sober Foundation - named after Chris' beloved dogs - is based in the UK and has been created to give substantial grants to selected animal welfare causes and charitable organisations.

Everything we do is done to make the world a better place, so you need never abandon your love of luxury for the sake of the planet.  Every product we sell is guaranteed 100% vegan, 100% planet friendly and 100% cruelty free as we are passionate about veganism, animal welfare and sustainability.

Living your life luxuriously need no longer mean compromising your beliefs.