The Fraenck concept was brought into being by two designers: Ratna Ho and Pascal Mulder. They launched their new enterprise in 2018 by combining their previous brands, Studio Mulder and Ratna Ho. 

Ratna and Pascal use the term ‘aesthetics meets ethics’, a phrase that perfectly expresses how they curate aesthetically pleasing designs without compromising their  ethical standards in any way.  You need only examine the materials from which their products are made and the attention to detail with which they are crafted, to see the truth for yourself.

Contrast their approach with that of the ‘fast fashion industry’ where bags are mass-produced cheaply with little regard for ethics, sustainability of materials or the people who make them. 

Traditional fashion uses leather, fur and wool to create clothing and fashion accessories. 

Not Fraenck.

They believe that fashion and animal cruelty should never be combined. That's why they use only the finest imitation leather with up-cycled and recycled materials to create their designs, sourcing vegan leather from a respected Dutch manufacturer, artisan sailcloth from a local sail-maker and even discarded seat belts 

Every bag from Fraenck is made in-house. to ensure that conditions are as friendly and supportive as possible, keeping the art of making and crafting bags alive by holding it close at heart.

Fraenck believe passionately in employing people who are dependent on government welfare within their production, logistics and web management departments - helping them to learn important skills that bring them closer to the labour market. Their aim is always to build an inclusive world, where everyone can participate and excel. 

Perhaps that's why their bags offer such a unique combination of luxury and goodness to the modern woman.