Denise Roobol


Denise Roobol is the designer behind this innovative and striking brand, which was founded in Rotterdam in 2013.

As you would expect, every single Denise Roobol bag is both vegan and cruelty free. 

Denise takes pride in every bag she designs, ensuring that they are elegant yet fashion-forward in design - as well as being both luxurious and chic. 

Denise uses only high-tech vegan materials sourced in Hong Kong, a city that has taken the lead in developing high quality vegan constituents. All Denise Roobol products are created using vegan Microfiber -  material that’s super-strong, water-resistant and sustainable -  in every regard better than the animal leather traditionally used in the industry. 

Denise Roobol believes passionately that no animal should be harmed in the making of luxuriously beautiful bags and exquisite accessories. Naturally, all of her products are therefore vegan and PETA- approved.