Adelaide Carta


We’re so pleased to be able to offer you luxury designs from Adelaide Carta.

Every one of Adelaide’s bags is hand-crafted in Italy and then specifically imported to the UK so that we can offer them to you. 

From the fabulous Fedhen Maxi Bag to the exquisite Monik Mini Bag we have carefully selected these bags in distinctive colour-ways that are sure to stand out. 

Adelaide Carta ‘s uniquely alluring designs are crafted with ecologically sound, vegan materials that are enriched with the vibrant culture of Sardinia. The intriguing use of cork and the elegant deployment of traditional prints mean that every item in her collection is suffused with Mediterranean charm and élan. 

Those unique prints combine with a bold and unusual colour palette to give the bags a distinct, individual flair. Adelaide began the field studies that imbue her bags with such character in 2010. She then spent several years in research and development into traditional materials before deciding to focus on women's accessories, and in particular on eco-sustainable leather goods. Then, in 2014, she founded the Adelaide Carta brand. 

Adelaide’s choice of eco-friendly and cruelty-free materials showcase her bold vision of the future; a future where aesthetics and style are never compromised by her commitment to protecting animals and sustaining the natural world

Every bag in the collection is crafted from high quality vegan materials such as cork, vegan cruelty-free leather, materials derived from vegetable fibers such as Pinatex, which is made from pineapple leaves, and luxurious fabrics created from eco-sustainable and ecological wood fibres. 

Your purchase will represent your first step along a secret pathway to the long-lost world of Sardinian heritage and artisan expertise.