The Dangers Of Fast Fashion

We live in a fast paced, throw away society and fashion is no exception to that. As consumers, we follow new trends and buy into these constantly to keep up with the latest styles without a care for what impact this is having on the environment. With high street brand's constant output of new styles at such low prices, it's very easy for us to fall into the trap of buying pieces regardless of whether we really need them or not. 

But, with consumers putting more thought into the clothing and lifestyle choices which they are making more and more are moving towards sustainable choices and vegan products. 

H o w    c a n    w e    a v o i d    f a s t    f a s h i o n ?

1. Purchase classic pieces, instead of quick trends

Firstly, we can purchase products which will stand the test of time instead of buying into quick trends. This means purchasing classic styles which won't go out of fashion quickly and that we will use over and over again. 

2. Purchase ethically made pieces

Check the labels. Buying products which in their processes haven't harmed the environment or that won't when it is disposed of e.g. buying plant based leather instead of animal leather uses a lot less water in its production, therefore helping the environment. 

3. Buy products made of natural ingredients 

Buying products which are made of natural, sustainably produced fabrics that require much less water and pesticides to produce and which will decompose once it is disposed of will help reduce the amount of non-compositable waste we create.
4. Repair, Rejuvenate and Repurpose

Don't immediately think something needs to be thrown away once it has a rip or hole in it. Small issues can be easily fixed at home or if it's beyond repair potentially turned into something new. 

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