A Vegan Belt - The Perfect Gift

The number of customers supporting animal welfare and buying only cruelty free products is constantly growing. One of the most popular vegan accessories for both genders are belts.

When you heard 'vegan', what was the first thing that came into your mind? Probably, you are thinking of vegetable-based diets. Well, that is correct. However, that is not the only thing that will define someone as a vegan.

Even though following a plant-based diet is the main framework of veganism, its primary goal is to avoid products and foods made with animal materials or ingredients. Furniture, soap, toilet paper, and clothing are some of the few examples of products containing animal testing or cruelty.

Our range of exquisite belts are all made by hand in England. The components of these belts have been exhaustively sourced from ethical vegan suppliers providing a fashionable high quality product that you will be proud to wear. 

Seventh Vegan’s belt range has been produced to be hard wearing and waterproof, stain-resistant yet stylish with our unique and classic logo forming the buckle of each belt. Easily identifiable the Seventh Vegan belt highlights your support for the fight against animal cruelty and a more sustainable world.