Meet the Maker - Denise Roobol

Fascinated by how food was made since childhood, founder of eponymous brand Denise Roobol adopted a plant-based diet. A degree in design led her to consider how her clothes and accessories were made too, so she set out to build a brand that didn’t exploit or harm animals. 

Founded in 2013, the Denise Robool brand aims to inspire women and act as an example of how chic and luxurious vegan fashion can be. This aim shines through in the playful pops of colour and fashion-forward aesthetic. Not content to rely on animal products as many luxury brands do, Denise Robool bags are made from vegan microfibre, an innovative material produced from tightly pressed fibres.

Complete with a strong coating, even the brightest shades and patterns are protected from sunlight and water, prolonging the life of every accessory, fighting back against disposable fashion. Developed and crafted in Guangzhou, the brand works closely with their suppliers, designers, and makers to pick the right fabric for each design. The certified studio, meanwhile, is bright, spacious and – most importantly – safe for those who work there. Safely crafted, cruelty-free and PETA-approved, Denise Robool puts a fresh spin on ethical, vegan style.



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